About Luke Forshaw

54e4c25e55fc3_@!@_resizeBased in Connecticut, Dr. Luke Forshaw oversees Ox Ridge Elementary School as principal, a position he has held since August of 2012. He first gained employment with the Darien Public Schools district in 2004, when he became a grade level leader, and he later served as a third grade teacher. Dr. Luke Forshaw is also interested in video games and learning and spent five years as a video game design teacher at Norwalk Community College and served as a technology integration specialist with Darien Public Schools during this time. In August of 2010, he took on the role of assistant principal for Ox Ridge Elementary School, and he became principal two years later.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Luke Forshaw has encouraged increased collaboration for project-based learning and has worked to improve home-school communication methods. He is a hands-on principal who consults and provides feedback to teachers regarding curriculum development and has personally revised curriculum in multiple areas, including K-12 instruction technology and K-5 social studies.

Dr. Forshaw received a BA in psychology from Trinity College and both an MA in curriculum and teaching and an EdD in curriculum and teaching from Columbia University. His dissertation concentrated on disruptive game play.


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